Apr 022013

Posted from New York, New York, United States.

Monday was being forecasted as one of the hottest day to be bestowed upon us in the foreseeable future by many institutions and New Yorkers as well. Unfortunately for us the forecasts rang true until perhaps 11am after which cold, breezy and drizzly weather settled. Pity!

Anyway, we decided to take another long morning walk from Upper Manhattan to Chelsea where our appointment with a friend we met over a couple of days in Queensland (Australia) 1.5 years ago was set. Our friend works for Google and showed us the company’s allegedly largest office. Very cool. People playing table tennis, free high quality food of any type, lots of space everywhere … we loved it!

When done we continued down to South Manhattan to visit the 9/11 memorial. Some impressive structures have been built in the place where Twin Towers used to stand. The sadness of the occasion remains to be written all over the area.

Wall Street is just a couple streets away. When I visited New York in 1997 I remember we got a tour of the NYSE watching the traders run like mad in search for profits. Since 9/11 these tours are no longer available and so, to be honest, there is nothing to see other than the building, which is nothing spectacular.

Our sudden need to use Subway as we sped back to our hotel to attend to our evening programme turned out to be fake. We just messed up the plan a bit and upon our arrival to our hotel we learnt that our theatre tickets were for Tuesday, not Monday … Alright …

Not wasting any valuable time here, decision was made to take the Subway south down to Brooklyn and walk across the Brooklyn Bridge hoping to steal a few nice views of Manhattan. Brooklyn Bridge indeed offers a memorable experience. There aren’t many tourists to worry about unlike everywhere else in NYC – after all the walk requires that people actually “move” rather than stand on a conveyor belt. That made us feel somehow special ;o)).

With that our program on Day 4 was over and we headed back to our Garden Inn hotel.