About Me


It’s never easy to introduce self. The golden rule is to keep the intro short … you’ll thank me later … !!! And then be careful not to slip into the world of “who I’d like to be” vs. “who I actually am”.

The former is more interesting, so I’ll start with that (here we go again).

I am a world famous guitarist, a rock star, technology savvy, equipped with a dangerous love for gadgets, extremely entrepreneurial with never-failing intuition making the big things simply happen. Given my excellence I can talk into anything and everything. I am enthusiastic about books whenever I find time, well travelled, artist in photography and I impersonate a fountain of knowledge in just about anything I fancy to preoccupy my brilliant brain with. Yeah, whatever!

The true is that I really do love music, books, playing racquet sports (tennis & squash), I love technology, innovation, solutions to problems, business and anything that leaves the sense of achievement when “done”.

My friend and I started a small business right after we had left high school. This turned into a success making our university lives strangely comfortable. I thought I couldn’t leave the world of enterprise undiscovered though, so I took an internship position with Reckitt Benckiser (FMCG) in London immediately after my university graduation (literally!). In 2004 internet marketing was only just becoming semi-important, and so my position of world-wide internet project manager was clearly more than an intern could have asked for.

In 2005 I joined Accenture. I was always keen on resolving (someone else’s) problems and so consulting represented something I was naturally attracted to. My areas of interest were mostly Enterprise Content Management and collaboration. In 2012 I got to lead Social Media & Text Analytics domain in the UKI.

Then I left and joined my current employer – Box. Yes, it was time to go back and do something cool. Disruptive technology in the content management domain seemed to be the right answer! And guess what – I’m a “Boxer” now. I’m looking after Customer Success in EMEA (= Europe, Middle East, Africa) and I’m very happy!

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