Mar 312013

Posted from New York, New York, United States.

Day 2 began again with great weather, clear blue sky and moderately good temperature. After heavy breakfast, some organisation and planning, we were off to a walking adventure.

Our first stop west of our hotel were the Intrepids. If we had more time, I would have loved to visit. We therefore walked around the aircraft carrier ship, took a few photos and went on. Cunard cruises’ Queen Elisabeth cruise ship – one of the world’s largest – was anchored right next to the Intrepids. This thing is huge!

The High Line is a project that started under the sponsorship of New York’s mayor Michael Bloomberg at around year 2000 and its objective was to revitalise an industrial and unused area of Manhattan. The project turned these train tracks into what is today a very popular 1.5 miles walk alongside contemporary design buildings that popped up right next to it in response to the newly raised attention in the area.

The Chelsea market located in the lower half of Manhattan is a great place to seek tasty European food. Italy is clearly over-represented, so one can get amazing fresh pasta or pop into an Italian supermarket for goodies like mozzarella di bufala or pick from those amazing hams on offer!

Famous Chelsea Hotel that connects the big artistic names of Leonard Cohen, Jack Kerouac and many others was being refurbished, so we went on to the Union Square. The Flat Iron building is a marvel. Few photo-shots away and we were strolling down the Broadway towards East Village where one can admire these 50+ year old punks and alternatives who just never seem to have grown up. The area offers a nice coffee culture too, so we grabbed a couple latte’s to rest after the long walking marathon.

Pier 45 is a hop over the island to its west side and we got there right in time for a beautiful sunset over the Hudson River. The new World Trade Centre is nearly finished and looks magnificent. Look forward to visiting it in the future perhaps next time we visit NYC.

The day finished back in Chelsea again in a Mexican place Dos Caminos. Food was good, but really heavy. The portions were giant! After another 5km walk up to our hotel on the 49th street our feet were glad to be put to rest for the day.