Apr 032013

Our very last day in New York! How sad! Still so much to do, try and see! We’ll need to leave those things for our future visit.

Our holiday was nearly over and we quite badly needed a less eventful day, so we awarded ourselves with a later alarm.

We left the hotel at around 11am and headed straight to the Nike Town. Flavia is a big fan! As a result I bought nothing and Flavia got herself a full bag of new fancy clothes … Very entertaining. ;o))

The weather was really nice and a walk down the 5th Avenue felt good. Cafe Bene, which we classified as our “Favourite coffee place in New York we never go to” offered a nice stop. This made it our second time in for what it’s worth.

Early afternoon and we are off to JFK airport on our return trip to London!

New York – WE WILL BE BACK!!!


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