Mar 302013

Posted from New York, New York, United States.

Our first day in New York. Against all available forecasts the weather was great. The sky was blue and cloudless early in the morning. The view from our hotel room on the 14th floor of the Garden Inn hotel turned our mood to max positive.

Quick but calories-rich breakfast in a French-style hotel restaurant and we were off to the Rockefeller Centre. It became quickly apparent we weren’t the only tourists heading that way. Some queuing and we were heading up onto the observation deck. Nice surprise in the elevator revealing the elevator shaft decorated by the neon lights – it felt like we were propelled straight into the space. Nice!

The views from the “Top of the rock” were, well, AWESOME! We took lots of not exactly dissimilar photos and made our way downstairs where we found the ice rink at Rockefeller Plaza. The bush trimmed into a green Easter bunny with a big yellow egg and lots of decorations around it was lots of fun. Honestly, in no other country could such bunny be found, but that’s what makes America special I guess!

Short walk to Bryant park and Flavia started contemplating what life would be like if we one day became New Yorkers. We were sold by then already!

New York public library is free to enter. There isn’t whole lots to do. Te building is beautiful and big and there is this Guttenberg printed book from 15th century, which is very beautiful. The place is close to Grand Central Terminal, our next stop. That place was a total surprise. So much space, so rich in decoration, so much character and vibe! And what’s next, when one least expects it, there is a very stylish …. Apple Store!!!

MOMA offers free entrance on Friday after 4pm. We lined up at 3pm and got in with a crowd of people from all over the world when the gates with free tickets finally opened. The building is beautiful, lots of great art at display, but few disappointments too. First of all we were hungry for more Andy Warhole! Second, the place has this Disneyworld feeling where Joe Hoe runs around with the starting line Canon SLR and takes photo of his wife in front of Van Gogh’s Stary night … And if the picture didn’t come out according to the expeditions, Joe will throw in a bit of flash and totally spoils the experience for everyone else who is actually interested to learn about the masterpiece …

Our day was over at 8pm. Nice couple of cheeseburgers and we were ready for bed.

Mar 282013

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Heading off to New York. It’s been such a rush over the past few weeks. So happy it’s all over and the holiday couldn’t come at better time!

I’ve been to New York 4x already, but this time it will be different. Coming with my wife will certainly uncover how little I’ve dedicated to culture and proper in-depth city exploration. We already have a plan, which takes no prisoners if one wanted to go crazy and “relax” … So New York, here I come again and this time I’ll get to know you a bit along the way … ;o)))